Too Nice Too Long Pin

Too Nice Too Long Pin


1.25" hard enamel pin back button. It will look really great on your beret or your jacket. Edition of 100. The profits from this pin will be donated to local Southern and Midwestern organizations funding abortion.

To learn about the state of abortion access, check out an interview with Dr. Wille Parker here, and an excerpt below:

Q: You grew up in Alabama, and you now move between Alabama and Georgia as an itinerant abortion provider. What does it mean to you to care for women in communities like the ones in which you grew up?

A: The southern region has a disproportionate presence of laws that undermine women’s rights of access to the abortion care that should be secured and guaranteed by the Roe decision, which remains in place. The people who are being denied [abortion] access are primarily poor women and women of color, and I know that lived experience personally—being reared in abject poverty and being a person of color. So it became important to prioritize the care of the most vulnerable women in this country, using the logic that if those women are okay, everybody else is going to be alright. It’s about making sure that those women aren’t left out, and the way to do that was to move home and to provide care in one of the most underserved regions in the country.

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